9:15 am each Sunday in the Connect Room

The Dutch Fork Church Connections Class guides you to discover your

redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. Connections

for newcomers is made up of three sessions that equip you to…


1) Learn the most important part of your spiritual journey

2) Discover the importance of and how to connect to the people in the church here

3) Discover your God-given spiritual gifts and how you can use them to make a

difference in the lives of others



Frequently Asked Questions
Who can attend?
Anyone is welcome to attend this class. Even students are invited to attend with their families. 
Where do I sign up?
You do not need to sign up. Someone will be available for you in the Connect Room. 
Where does this class meet?
This class meets in the “Connect Room.” When you enter our Worship Center our greeters will direct you there.
Who teaches the class?
This class is facilitated and led by our Senior Pastor, Minister of Worship, and our Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship.  
We are looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Session ONE – Discover Worship

Explore the meaning of worship—why it’s important and how to do it.
Worship is the primary reason the church exists: this is our first purpose! Session
One will help you discover more about the importance and blessings of magnifying
and celebrating God’s presence in worship. 

Session TWO – Discover Life Groups

Dive into the five purposes of group life and how you can be a vital part of
God’s family, overcoming feelings of loneliness and living life to the full.
As Christians, we can belong to a biblical community of other people where
we can be accepted, known and loved.
Session THREE – Discover Your Purpose

Find out how God has uniquely wired you. Discover your gifts and see how

your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry.