Stephen Britt

Interim Student Ministry Pastor

Stephen attended AC Flora High and received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from The Citadel. He is married to the love of his life Amy and has 2 sons, Hunter and James. Stephen has worked many different jobs, traveling around the United States. He has been part of two 1% motorcycle clubs, but most importantly, he gave his life to Jesus in June 2019. Stephen has always had a big place in his heart for young people, but it was while watching his own kids mature that God ignited his passion to help teens grow in Christ. Stephen’s street knowledge, life knowledge and his own journey uniquely qualifies him to lend his experience, a hand, and his heart to others.

Since becoming a Christ-follower, he has felt called to bring others, but specifically the youth into a relationship with Jesus to show them there is no greater reward, to show them that its okay to love God, to show them (based on his personal experience) that violence, drunkenness, immorality, and temptation is not worth it. He desires to be a guide and support the youth wherever possible so they can be strong as they step out into the world. Stephen said it best: “My mission and calling is to be a home away from home for all God’s youth and to be a family even if it’s not blood related. I pray that I may be a vessel that is able to steer them away from the dark paths that I have already been down that lead to failure and brokenness, and to be a light to those who need it.”

Contact Stephen Britt:
For information regarding our Student Ministry (6th-12th grade), please contact Stephen.
Church Phone Number: (803)781-2532
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