Our Adult Ministry is made up of a diverse group of believers who’s goal is to worship and glorify Jesus Christ in our homes, workplaces and in all to which we contribute. Our goal is to be the church, which means to be God- centered, Christ- focused and Holy Spirit- led. All people are welcome to join us for our many activities taking place during the week. 

Regular Meeting Times:


-Adult Bible Studies: 9:15 am (Across Campus)
Bibles studies are available for all ages across our campus every Sunday mornings. Our greeters will direct you.
-Worship: 10:30 am (Worship Center)
Child care available.


Weekly Meal: 5:00 pm (Family Life Center)
The whole family is invited to join us for a weekly meal. The cost is $3.00 per person, or $15.00 per family. 
Prayer Time: 6:00 pm (Worship Center)
Families are invited to pray together in our Worship Center from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. 
Men’s & Women’s Studies: 5:45 pm (Adult Hall, Up The Ramp)
Our Men’s and Women’s Ministries offer multiple studies throughout the year. Please contact the church office to sign-up for our current study.

Upcoming Events:

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